Storytelling’s better half



I’m sitting in one of those tiny airport cubicles at the moment. You know the ones – with all the plug-ins and miniature walls aligned in rows, each with its own chair and a focused airport traveler at the helm of some laptop or other device needing a charge.

I’m about 20 minutes out from boarding a flight over to Salt Lake City for Alt summit – see also: conference attracting some of the world’s most creative, crafty and fashion-forward bloggers and designers out there. Me? Well, I’m just a girl and we happened to start this company. I’m not particularly skilled with a glue-gun and glitter. My affinity for pom pom crafts begins and ends at the thrift store (hello winter hats with big pom poms.) I think I have an eye for design but still can’t figure out how to draw an arrow in Illustrator (true story.)

So you can imagine my excitement to get out there and take it all in, to meet new faces, to stumble upon those undeniably awesome “aha moments,” to chip away at goals and uncover new ones altogether. And maybe – just maybe – figure out how to draw that arrow.

But mostly, I hope to seek out stories of people like you and me and that girl who started a blog that went big time, that designer who lives in rural Michigan and changes the pulse of the design world daily. And the story of that guy who hasn’t figured it out yet – but has a vision that will surely move mountains if only someone would stop and…listen.

Listening. It is storytelling’s better half. Often times, I – too – forget this. We busy ourselves. We scan the crowd. We refresh our feed and check the comments and the ticker measuring how many “likes” and “favorites.” We constantly try to understand where we fit in it all – on top, in the little pond, somewhere in the middle. For all of this, guilty as charged.

So today. And tomorrow. And the next day and the next day after that. I resolve to listen. Really listen. In listening, there is learning. In learning, there is understanding. In understanding, there is growing. All of this amounts to a kind of authenticity that makes the good in the world tick.

In between the listening, I’ll do my best to share slices of it here on this blog. Before boarding, I’ll leave you with a TED talk that inspired me years ago – and continues to. Just so happens that this guy – Mr. Stefan Sagmeister, will be giving a keynote address. (You better believe I’ll be sharing what I learn with ya!) Here’s his two cents on the power of time off.


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