Anna addressing holiday cards at her dining table
Things to Do

With so many to-do's in the hectic pace of the holidays, is sending cards just another? Anna's story reminds us what cards really say when we put them in the mail.

Zoomed in on interior of Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album featuring wedding portraits with lots of negative space on page
4 Tips to Create Your Dream Album

When it comes to creating a beautiful album, the experts on our Design Services team know more than a thing or two. So we asked them to share the tips they use every day.

zoomed in black and white photo of hands holding photo prints of different sizes
This is Why We Print

10 years ago, Artifact Uprising started from a simple question, "what are we leaving behind?" Today, it's still the question that compels us to print.

Woman holds her hair up as she gazes into the distance in an empty rooftop parking lot
The Stories in Our Everyday Photos

If stopping to take a photo makes time stand still, does it break us free from "going through the motions?" Photographer Laura Schmalstieg says yes.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album featuring gold foil title that says The Beams
Marking the Many Chapters

From milestone moments to the magically mundane, Hannah's story reminds us that every chapter deserves permanence, in print.

Behind a dining room table is a shiplap wall with two sconces and two Artifact Uprising Gallery Frames in maple finish.
What's Your Decor Style?

Knowing the aesthetic you gravitate toward can help bring intention to the design of your space — with more of the colors, textures, and photos (of course!) that bring you joy.

Woman's hand pulling back tissue paper to reveal cover of honeycomb Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album titled Us Before Us
Notes on Nostalgia

In indulging her four-year-old's unending curiosity about "life before Hank," April revisited her stories with a renewed sense of intention — and in doing so, found reason to look forward.

Gallery wall of Artifact Uprising frames featuring a variety of photos and mat sizes
How to Matte a Photo

Our photo matting guide breaks down how to frame and mat a photo beautifully, along with some creative picture matting ideas that are sure to inspire.

Several different Artifact Uprising frames, photo holders, and prints all featuring wedding photos of different couples
8 Photo Display Ideas for Your Wedding

Creative wedding photo display ideas add a meaningful, personal touch to your best day. These are our most-loved ways to put your stories as a couple on display.

Three Artifact Uprising Gallery Frames arranged as an asymmetrical triptych gallery wall piecing together an image of a mesa landscape
Modern Wall Art Ideas

Ready to fall for modern walls? We’ve curated 10 modern decor ideas from our team and our community to elevate, refine, and personalize any space.

Four different Artifact Uprising Save the Date Designs on light blue table linen
Save the Date Ideas

Here, we share some of our favorite save the date ideas - from designs to fonts - so you can create an announcement that feels personal, intentional, and worthy of your wedding.

Artifact Uprising Poster Print and Square Print Set displayed on wall above bed without frames
Wall Art Trends for 2022

When we look at trends as inspiration over imperatives, we're able to engage with them as sources of new ideas, without the pressure. We can embrace those that bring a sense of joy into our spaces — and leave the ones that don't.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book titled Of Love & Borders on coffee table next to other books
11 Thoughtful Valentine's Gifts

Find unique Valentine’s gift ideas inspired by the many wish-we-would-have-thought-of-that projects we’ve printed over the years — whether for your better half, your best friend, or even a little self-care.

Hands flipping through photos of home renovation printed in Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book on table surrounded by samples of tile and other finishings
14 Memory Book Ideas

Find moment-marking inspiration in these 14 photo books created by our community to tell stories worth looking back on — from the momentous to the magically mundane.

Young woman holding up Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box featuring family photo
For the Ones Who Matter Most

Liz Bell Young reflects on what the gift of photo truly means, as she tells the story of a unique gift she created for her college-bound niece.

Grid of iPhones performing different editing functions on different photos
Simple Edits for Print-Worthy Photos

Nothing should get in the way of printing the moments that mean something. Follow along as we break down how to fix a photo you want to print, right on your phone, so you can feel confident giving it the permanence it deserves.

Humble design founder interviewing someone exiting homelessness before decorating their home
Spreading Hope Through Home

We are honored to partner with Humble Design to help bring a sense of permanence and belonging to many more families, as they finally find that place that feels like home.

Artifact Uprising Metal Wooden Photo Ledge hung on royal blue wall and adorned with prints, frames, and photo books
Photo Wall Inspiration From Our Designers

We've all been there — faced with bare walls that beg to be filled, but stuck at the very idea of where to start. Luckily, our designers have just the gallery wall inspiration you need to find your wall's best match.

Two friends flipping through identical Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Books featuring photos of a trip together
One Gift for Your Entire List

By creating a single photo project, duplicating it, and making a few small tweaks for each recipient, you can cover your entire to-gift list in one fell swoop! Follow along for 11 ideas that can make meaningful manageable.

Three Artifact Uprising Poster Prints on wall above honeycomb armchair
Poster Design Ideas From Our Community

We reached out to some of our favorite photographers and designers, and asked them to put our new Poster Print to the test. As you explore their unique designs, they might just spark a few ideas of your own.

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album on coffee table opened to photos of newborn baby
13 Coffee Table Book Ideas

Here, we highlight some of our favorite coffee table book ideas shared by our community, celebrating our photo books not just as books, but beautiful artifacts.

Gallery wall on dark olive green wall filled with family photos in gold and brass frames and an Artifact Uprising Gallery Frame in Walnut
14 Fall Home Decor Ideas

Courtesy of our community, we're sharing fall home decor ideas that can help mark this time of change — simple, approachable, and beautiful ideas that embrace the unique tranquility of this season we love.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book titled The Story of Us featuring family photo of mother with two young children
On Pausing to Remember

Writer and photographer Heather Hall sorted through nine years of photos to tell the story of her family. Here, she reflects on the importance of looking back on those photos — and the power of putting them in print.

Beautifully modern, mismatched gallery wall featuring frames and downloadable art prints from Artifact Uprising
Free Printable Wall Art From Our Team

We know finding eye-catching art that suits your style can be tricky, so we created and curated a collection free downloadable art files that beg to be in any gallery wall.

Liz young leaning against the rustic wall of a lakeside cottage and filling out prompts in the Artifact Uprising Early Years Book
Behind & Beneath the Early Years Book

Liz Young, author of our Early Years memory book, reflects on writing its many pages and prompts — a heartfelt reminder that it's never too late to mark your little's life.

Dedication page of Artifact Uprising Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book printed as a children's alphabet book with customer illustrations and alliterative sentences
7 Creative Photo Books From Our Community

Here, we celebrate the endless imagination you share with us, showcasing some of the creative photo books we could have never dreamed up, but are so honored to have printed.

hand on edge of layflat photography portfolio book opened to image of woman in striped dress laying in shallow water
How to Create a Photography Portfolio Book

Find guidance and inspiration that can help your dream portfolio to life — from advice for laying it all out to a full-length example from our Lead Photographer to flip through.

Coastline in Pismo Beach, California
Our Road Trip Photography Guide

With a little help from some seasoned wanderers & pro photographers, we created a guide to help you capture the miles and moments, so you can return often.

Woman on orange leather couch holding up young child in front of a three-frame gallery wall
10 Summer Decor Ideas

Here, with a little help from our community, we're sharing 10 summer-inspired decor ideas that can fill any space with light and life.

Artifact Uprising photo prints and photo book featuring family photos on table next to iphone
Our Guide to Great Print Results

Familiarize yourself with our most important tips for printing photos to give you the best experience while you create — and even more beautiful results.

Mom and little boy choosing family photos to place inside Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box
12 Gifts for Dad From Kids

We've rounded up a list of meaningful Father's Day gift ideas from kids that you can create with your little — for a gift he'll come back to often.

Black and white Artifact Uprising photo prints scattered all over bed
10 College Send-Off Gifts

Celebrate their next chapter while honoring the last with 10 college send-off gift ideas that say it all through your photos.

Artifact Uprising Square Print Set taped to dorm wall in gallery wall grid
11 Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas

With a little creativity and a few favorite photos, you can turn your dorm room into a space that feels familiar and new in all the right ways!

family with two moms and two kids snuggling in bed
The Many Meanings of "Mom"

These are heartfelt stories of motherhood — words from moms and for moms, shared by our community — glimpses into some of the many meanings of "mom."

Newly married couple on the dance floor
The Wedding Photography Shot List

We’ve looked at many wedding photography shot lists out there and curated them into one, with 30 recommendations that ensure your bases are covered.

Large Artifact Uprising Gallery Frame with wedding photo atop mantle filled with plants and decor
12 Rejuvenating Spring Decor Ideas

We're sharing our most-loved spring decor ideas — all courtesy of our community — to refresh your space and put what matters most (your favorite photos!) front and center.

Woman throwing pottery cross-legged at the wheel
Into the Mud

When a pandemic turned Michelle's world upside down, she found her way through pottery — and now, she's honoring the journey through print.

Photo of Brandon laughing
Five Minutes With Brandon Lopez

Our Senior Designer has a knack for amazing photography too. We sat down with him to learn more about the way he brings the places he visits to life through the lens.

Grid of photos of people, places, pets, and families
A Guide to Choosing Photos for Your Album

With these tips and inspiration, you’ll be well on your way to choosing images, scheming up layouts, and creating an album you’re already excited to look back through.

Little girl playing in coastal waters as the tide rolls in
Gratitude Found

These are the stories of gratitude you shared and printed in a year unlike any — tales of resilience from our community when we needed them most.

Three Artifact Uprising New Year Cards on Wooden Photo Ledge
11 Simple New Year Card Ideas

With these new year card ideas to inspire you, send a little joy in the form of snail mail to friends and family this season.

Hand holding phone for FaceTime with woman and child opening gift
12 Long-Distance Holiday Ideas

If you’ll be participating in long-distance Christmas, Hanukkah, or holiday festivities, let these ideas from our family help you stay connected with yours.

Hands exchanging photo album with duplicate photo album on table beneath
8 Easy Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Last-minute gifts can still be meaningful! We're here to lend a hand with a list of easy gifts to make — each perfectly short on time, but not on sentiment.

Hands holding Artifact Uprising photo prints to use in gift wrapping
10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

We’ll walk you through 10 of our favorite and most unique gift wrapping ideas to surprise and delight this holiday — from what you'll need to how to do it.

Hand placing small framed photo inside of stocking
10 Meaningful Stocking Stuffer Ideas

A little gift can create a lot of joy — which is why we're sharing 10 of our favorites ideas for meaningful stocking stuffers that might just steal the show.

Open photo book next to wrapped photo gifts
Holiday Gifting FAQs, Answered

Need a little help with your gift? We're answering the questions that our Customer Experience team receives the most during the holiday season.

Gallery wall featuring three different Artifact Uprising photo frames above armchair
A Guide to Finding & Framing Free Art

We're sharing some of our most-loved ideas for finding and framing free art — from sources worth a search, to wall art inspiration, to free downloads we designed just for you.

Woman at table flipping through Everyday Photo Book filled with kids' photos
An Inside Look at Our Everyday Photo Book

Follow along as we flip through the premium pages, highlighting the elevated features, design, and materials of this quick-to-make album crafted for the everyday.

Hands holding Midnight Blue Wedding Layflat Album in sliver of light from window
20+ Wedding Album Ideas

We've filled this guide with everything from spread-by-spread inspiration for laying it out, to design tips and ideas for a wedding album that's can't-put-it-down beautiful.

Hands placing photo on page of Story of You Baby Book
An Inside Look at Our Baby Book

Follow along as we flip through the pages, highlighting the unique details, thoughtful prompts, and elevated materials of this time-capsule-in-the-making.

Different types of Artifact Uprising photo projects
Tips for Creating Your Project

Creating a project? Our customer experience team is here to share their favorite tips and tricks, based on the questions customers ask every day.

Five Artifact Uprising holiday photo cards lined side by side on a wooden mantel
An Inside Look at Our Holiday Cards

Follow along as we highlight the materials, variety, and little details that set our holiday cards apart, plus the many ways they put what's most important front and center.

Woman at desk with holiday card in one hand and pen in the other
How to Customize Your Holiday Cards

We'll guide you through the many ways you can personalize this year's card, creating snail mail that says it your way — even when you can't say it in person.

Artifact Uprising photo book next to coffee cup and keyboard on desk
How to Make a Photo Book

From our staff to your screen, we're sharing our insider's guide to making a photo book — complete with step-by-step videos sure to lend a helping hand.

Three different cookbooks printed in three different Artifact Uprising photo books
How to Make a Cookbook

DIY cookbook ideas make great gifts, family heirlooms, and tools to remember our favorite creations. Follow along as we make a cookbook — from scratch.

Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Book turned into a DIY cocktail book
15 Unique Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Here, we share some of our favorite gift ideas created by our community — each sure to inspire you in your search for something truly meaningful.

Artifact Uprising Metal Tabletop Frames hung on wall above Prayer Plant
12 Decor Ideas That Bring the Outside In

We teamed up with our friends at The Sill to merge flora and photo with 12 plant-centric decor ideas that decorators, photographers, and green thumbs can all get behind.

Variety of Artifact Uprising holiday photo cards next to pen and envelopes
32 Fridge-Worthy Holiday Card Ideas

From classic holiday photo ideas to out-of-the-box inspiration, we've gathered our favorite card ideas to help you give friends and family a good mail day.

Hand tucking photo print into Artifact Uprising Brass & Wood Display Box
A Guide to Organizing Your Photos

Whether your camera roll is getting full or sorting through those old photos is long overdue, we’re here to help you sift, organize, and preserve confidently.

Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Calendar next to Brass Easel & Calendar
Which Photo Calendar is Right for You?

Our collection started simple and has grown over the years to cater to a variety of aesthetics. Dive into the details with us to find the calendar that's right for you!

close up view of large format giclee art prints
What Is Giclée Printing?

We're shedding some light on the process, quality, and criteria that defines giclée art prints — plus adding a little color around the unique and time-honored means by which we approach our own.

Artifact Uprising softcover photo book with woman in front of waterfall on cover
Easy Photo Books for Quick Creation

With our pro-tips for preparation and some hand-picked inspiration for quick creations, you can be making easy photo books in an hour or less — promise.

Man holding up DIY postcard with family photo on front
11 Unique DIY Postcard Ideas

While sending a postcard is always meaningful, we're sharing our favorite DIY postcard ideas for bringing a little more intention to mail days.

Little boy reading Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book with mother
A Look Inside the Baby Board Book

Flip through the pages with us as we lay out how we're jumpstarting learning with a quick-to-customize new book, designed with littles in mind.

Layflat photo albums falling from sky into a stack
A Look Inside the Layflat Album

Follow along as we outline the many thoughtful, elevated details of this heirloom-quality classic — handcrafted to let your most meaningful moments live on.

DIY calendar idea with inspirational quote for each month
10 DIY Photo Calendar Ideas

We've created a list of our favorite and most creative DIY calendar ideas to help you think outside the box (and plan inside the year!).

shadow of couple cast onto colorful stone paving
Get Creative With Your Camera Roll

Need to flex those creative muscles? We're sharing our favorite tips, guides, and project ideas, so you can fill your down time with photography, creativity, and intention.

Woman changing the month on a desktop calendar she created with her own cityscape photos
12 Photo Project Ideas That Inspire

Here, we share 12 unique photo project ideas — each sure to help you explore the endless creative possibilities that come with picking up a camera.

Little boy in open clearing holding toy camera
Photo Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Whether enjoyed close to home or out seeing the sights, a photo scavenger hunt is all about noticing and appreciating the little things you might normally pass right on by.

Zoomed in photo of the inside pages of a signature layflat album
8 Photo Book Examples From Our Team

While holding that finished album in your hands is pure joy, we know that creating it can seem a little daunting. So we turned to our team for a little inspiration.

Man sitting at piano with back turned to camera
20 Photo Ideas to Try At Home

These home photoshoot ideas will help pass the time, see your space in a new light, and capture moments with loved ones — now more than ever.

Woman hanging large framed baby photo in her new gallery wall
A Guide to Our Favorite Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a trend that stands the test of time — with good reason! Try these techniques, layouts, and styles to create a look you'll love for years to come.

Zoomed in photo of interior pages of a Cuba travel album
10 Tips for Your Travel Album

We're sharing our 10 favorite tips for creating a travel album that takes you there all over again. May it help you relive your respite… and go back often.

Photo by Daeja Fallas of a single tulip in the sun
On Creating a Time Capsule

Right now, the path may not be clear — but four of our favorite photographers document today's uncertainty with the hope that it will bring tomorrow's perspective.

Man holding up family photo album with father and son on the cover
A Guide to Photo Album Title Ideas

Enjoy 100+ photo album title ideas, arranged by book theme, to serve as thought-starters. (After all, we can each use a little inspiration now and again.)

City guide created using softcover photo book
14 Creative Ideas From Our Community

Here, we celebrate 14 imaginative members of our community who, in looking for creative things to do with photos, let their own vision take the wheel.

iPhone taking panoramic photo of coastline
iPhoneography 101: Tips & Photo Effects

Take better phone photos and videos by incorporating the latest iPhone photo effects in your everyday. Be prepared to hear "I can't believe that's taken on a phone" often.

Photo by Andre L. Perry of two Black women laying side by side in water
The Stories Behind "Black In America"

Five Black photographers speak to the stories & symbolism behind their images — each of which are included in a new curation from the See In Black collective.

Photo of rock formations off the coast at golden hour
Why We #TellOn

Eight years from our origin, we pause to celebrate a community born in photo and bound by experience — looking back at the simple call to share your moments and the collective narrative of over 400,000 it has become.

Coastal rock formation on a golden beach
A Simple Guide to Photography Basics

Whether shooting on your phone or your first DSLR, these beginner photography tips can help you share better photos of the people you love, places you go, and moments you want to make last.

Our CEO Brad with his family
Lessons From Fatherhood

Recalling moments with his own father and lessons learned from being a dad, our CEO Brad shares meaningful stories of how parenthood helps us grow.

Woman holding opened wedding album
20+ Photo Book Layout Ideas

No matter the occasion or type of photo, we have a photo book layout to match. Read on for tips on how to organize photo albums and design your pages.

Creative photo take by Artifact Uprising community member of a quaint café
On Being Creative

We're sharing 15 photos that capture our community’s courage to pick up the camera — may they inspire you to do the same.

Framed photos for Father's Day
10 Thoughtful Photo Gifts For Dad

We've gathered some of our most unique Father's Day gift ideas to help you celebrate those who mean "Dad" to you — because photos say it all.

Cover of Signature Layflat Photo Album
A Look Inside the Signature Layflat

New to our photo book family, the Signature Layflat Album is our most premium and personalized option, complete with a story all its own.

Hand writing a letter inside of a scrapbook album
8 Wedding Photo Guest Book Ideas

We're sharing our favorite ways to let friends and family leave well-wishes and wisdom on your big day — all using photos, of course.

Artifact Uprising Hardcover Photo Book opened up to child photo on left page and graduation photo on right page
15 Gift Ideas for Soon-to-Be Grads

Whether for high school or college graduation, we’ve rounded up 15 creative graduation gift ideas to help you honor their milestone, through photos.

Sun kissing the top of a snowy mountain peak
10 Photos to Celebrate Mama Earth

Some of our favorite photographers remind us why every day should be Earth Day, offering 10 return tickets to the wild places we hold close.

old photos in a photo book
A Life Relived: Making a Memoriam Photo Book

When Barrett's Grandmother passed away, he created a photo book for his entire family that celebrated her life. Here's an inside look at how he approached this act of healing.

Photo of little girl enlarged into a big photo print
How to Enlarge a Photo for Printing

Whether enlarging an old print or a digital image, here's how to turn the little moments you hold close into the not-so-little prints you display proudly — without losing quality.

Chair, side table, and framed photo in minimalist room design
15 Minimalist Interior Design Tips

For those who join us in the pursuit of retreat, we’ve put together some of our favorite design tips to help create rooms worthy of relaxation.

floating frame of desert landscape above bed with white bedding
12 Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

We've teamed up with Parachute Home to share 12 minimalist bedroom design ideas that inspire spaces of simplicity (and a few Zs).

12 Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait photography is at its heart a recreation of the human experience — and behind it all is a process that's so much more than point and snap.

floating frames featuring family photos resting on dresser
15 Wall Art Ideas We Love

Trade in those bare walls for a fresh spin on your space. We've rounded up over a dozen thoughtful ideas — sourced with intention from our team and community.

VSCO Tips: 5 Recipes We Love

VSCO is one of our favorite tools for applying beautiful edits in no time at all — and it all starts with a few secret recipes. (Go ahead, steal all five!)

Edited photo of highway lined by palm trees
How to Edit Photos on iPhone

We've mapped out nine quick tips for how to edit photos on your iPhone, from new native app features to built-in photo effects.

Sunlit interior of the Artifact Uprising office
10 Unique Office Design Ideas

Recently, we built out a brand new office for our growing team. Now, we're sharing a little DIY inspiration from the refresh — starting with these 10 ideas.

Family with children sitting on the couch
A Day Away

366 days this year, as if by some miracle of sun and moon. We'll be spending our extra Saturday stepping away from the ordinary... will you join us?

A lone snow-covered tree in a snowy field
10 Winter Photography Tips

From the snowy to the spontaneous, winter brings with it a unique beauty worth taking pause. Follow these 10 tips to capture all the magic.

Little boy laughing with head turned to the side
Lessons in Hope

A nonprofit founder shares her stories of philanthropy — giving meaningful lessons in hope, humanity, and the true power of photo.

Hands wrapping photo gifts for the holidays
10 Meaningful Holiday Gift Ideas

In the spirit of the season, we've compiled our favorite holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. May they be just the inspiration you need to honor those who matter most.

Sun shining through windshield of car
The Art of Marking the Moment

Globetrotter Liz Young reflects on her most recent journey, offering tips for heartfelt travel photos that mark the meaning in those little moments.

6 Ideas for Your Baby Board Book

The perfect way to familiarize your little one with their surroundings is our new Baby Board Book — here are 6 ideas for custom themes you can start today. Imagery

Making Print A Practice

Hear what motivates seven different photographers to make online photo printing a practice, bringing photography prints off their devices and into their lives.

Lessons From Leaving Your Desk

Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside the four corners of our desk, we believe in getting out there to see, explore, move, create and become. Tag along here with the travels of four people from our team – four different lenses that illustrate what can be gained when we have the courage to step away.

Motherhood Through Another Lens

Mother, photographer, and writer Nicki Sebastian lifts a veil on the reality of motherhood and how she navigated tougher times by focusing on others' beauty and truth.

How I Used Artifact Uprising At My Wedding

With such a wide variety of paper goods needed for your big day, a real bride shares a glimpse into her wedding and how she incorporated Artifact Uprising each step of the way.

6 Wall Decor Looks for 2019

Whether your style is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, here are 6 new ways to style your photo frames for 2019.

Framing Life

An essay by Liz Bell Young on the intersection of motherhood and possibility.

Lessons From A Year of Thanks

Gina Hamadey's spent her past year writing thank you notes, one per day. We think her journey of finding gratitude in everything will inspire you to put a little pen to paper yourself.

Words To Live By

To put our best foot forward in this new year, we’re holding onto a few guiding words that mean a little something to us. Follow the links below to download, print, and share our favorite photos from the year, paired with a few inspiring words.

Photographing Your Family

We spoke with a few folks who know a little something about what it means to photograph a family — hear their tips below and put them to practice with yours this year.

What We're Gifting

Still looking for a few holiday gifts this year? Take a peek into our lists — below, find a handful of gifts our team is giving this year, straight from the brands we love.

Make Your Mantel

Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, we've mapped out four easy tips for making that mantel in your home holiday-ready. (Hint: all you really need are your photos.)

Blurry Is Beautiful

A blurry photo communicates feeling in a language that perfection never will. Read more about why you should think twice before pressing your delete button.

Photographing People

We sat down with a few of our favorite photographers to hear just how they document the humans in their lives. From tips on lighting to capturing real emotion — you’ll want to put the tips into practice right away (hello, loved ones!).

Fall Photo Tips

It’s (arguably) the most wonderful time of the year: the air cools, the leaves change, and we head outside to capture the kind of photos that we return to all year. Inspired by this transition of seasons, we’ve pulled together our favorite tips to capture these once-in-a-year photos.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

We can think of few better ways to mark another year together than with wedding anniversary gifts in the form of meaningful photos. Here are six creative ways to tell your story together, in print.

Fall Wedding Ideas

We're bringing you fall wedding ideas and tips from some of the industry's best to incorporate seasonal details into your big day.

Organizing Your Phone Photos

Follow along with four everyday photographers (with enviable photo habits) to hear their best-kept-secrets. Hello, organized photo life.

Our Expert Wedding Print Checklist

With the average year-long engagement time frame in mind, we've assembled a checklist to ensure no print goods, from save the dates to your wedding album, go missed.

8 Simple Photo Tips From Instagram's Best

Taking a note from Instagram's best, we've searched far and wide to find those whose photos we can't help but double-tap. Hear their best-kept-secrets, and walk away feeling confident about creating that feed of your dreams.

The Many Miles of Fatherhood

Tyson Wheatley, father of four, spends the majority of his days 8,000 miles away from his kids. And while the distance can be daunting, it doesn’t stop him from making the most of the time they get together — as witnessed in their cross-country road trip last summer.

5 Tips for Your Wedding Guest Book

Prepping for your big day? We’ve gathered five tips for creating a custom photo wedding guest book that you’ll want to look back on often, together.

Photo Tips From Our Community

In honor of National Photography Month, we asked you to share your best photo advice. You shared tips on light, angles, cropping, and so much more. Needless to say, we’re immensely inspired by those lenses of yours.

9 Tips to Photograph Pets

If you find yourself always on the lookout to snap that perfect shot of your pet, we have the guide for you: 9 tips to photograph pets at their best.

5 Tips to Find Retreat in Your Home

In the spirit of hitting the refresh button, we’ve teamed up with a few of our favorite brands to share tips for creating a space that's uniquely yours.

From the Design Desk: Eva Black

We sat down with artist Eva Black for an inside look at her design process and the collaboration cards she created just for Artifact Uprising.

7 Tips for Filling Out Your Baby Book

Our baby book was intended to spark ideas, conversation, and inspiration. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips for making it yours.

Guide to Your Engagement Photos

From communicating with your photographer (or hey – a friend with a good eye and an iPhone?) to choosing locations, this guide is your fool-proof tool for getting the most out of your couples shoot.

From Our Camera Roll

As a small token of our endless gratitude, we’d like to share our team’s top 12 images of the year — yours to download and use however you'd like.

Storytelling Through Photography

We believe that the quiet moments of our everyday hold as much weight as the extraordinary. Here are three simple steps to telling an everyday story.

9 Tips to Simplify Printing

It’s no secret: We’re big fans of archiving in print. And in hopes of making the process easier, we’re breaking down nine of our favorite printing tips.

9 Photography Tips For Your Travels

Photo by photo, our images show us the world's limitless potential. We're bringing you 9 tips to a fresh perspective for your travel photography.

Lessons from Photographing Love

We sat down with three photographers for a look at what they've learned witnessing, documenting and celebrating love over the years spent in their craft.

What is Ephemeral

Think about all the photographs in your possession. Where are they stored? And more importantly, how? Your answer likely depends...

The Studio Everywhere: Laura Pritchett

She paints what she photographs. She photographs what she wants to paint. Meet Laura Pritchett, constant creator of art that goes beyond the familiar.

Meet the Moms We Admire

There's no denying it: Moms make our world go 'round. Join us in showing gratitude to eight inspiring moms that have played a part in our journey.

Our Story

Their photography gave tangible permanence to stories past. And in the pursuit of permanence, Artifact Uprising was born. Read on...

Details in the Everyday: A 365 Photo Project

When Katherine Heise started her 365 photo project, the goal was to take one photo daily — documenting the transition from one child to two. Hear about it in her own words.

Wander This Way: 4 Places to Travel

Travel always teaches. Join us in exploring 4 destinations alongside four camera-toting globetrotters for a first-hand account of where to travel & what to take in.

What Matters Most?

Between the holiday tunes and bright lights, we ask just one question this season — what if we gave fewer gifts that mattered more?

5 Tips for Photos That Evoke Emotion

Take a quick glance at Alex Strohl’s work, and you’ll consistently find one thing: His photos make you feel something. Here are his five secrets.

6 Tips to Photograph Spring

It's finally here — springtime. It's a time of year which marks transition, and time after time has us reaching for our lens to capture the changing season. The time has come to dust off your rain boots and grab your camera, because we've pulled together our favorite tips for photographing spring.

Intro to Wedding Calligraphy

One of our absolute favorite hand-letterers, Chelsea Petaja, provides tips for addressing everything from invitations to thank you cards with calligraphy.

Printing Your Phone Photos

In celebration of moving these images off our devices, we asked a few folks in our community to put their camera rolls to the ultimate test — and put them into print.

San Francisco City Photo Guide

Each year, San Francisco sits high on our list of must-visits. Filled to the brim with grassy green parks, endless people watching, and neighborhoods with characteristics unequivocally theirs, we always experience unforgettable days in the Golden City.

Take Better iPhone Photos

In hopes of taking our iPhoneography to the next level, we've outlined a few of those simple, yet less practiced, tips to taking better phone photos.

Photographing Littles

Here's an inside look at how five photo-loving parents are recording their families' best experiences, click by click.

Chicago City Photo Guide

Within each neighborhood of the windy city, you’ll find creative nooks, savory bites, and streets that are rich in history. Tag along with us as we explore some of Chicago’s best areas.

Zihuatanejo, Mexico — Taken on Nikon N65 35 mm film.
Photographing On Film

Analog photography has long been a favorite medium for creatives, and it is steadily re-gaining popularity among photographers in the digital age.

Summer field of mustard bright yellow blooms
Oh, the Places You May Go

We asked our community to share a few of their favorite places to travel, as well as some tips for snapping unique photos.

Hidden Gems in New York City

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, concrete jungle where dreams are made…. today we explore New York City —A place with many names, and even more unique scenery to capture.

Los Angeles City Photo Guide

There's no better place to find sun, bright colored walls, and the best line up of culture than in Los Angeles. Spend just a few hours in this city of life, and you’ll understand why they say the west coast is the best coast.

New Orleans City Photo Guide

Known for a kind of vibrancy that is unparalleled — the food, people, and architecture of New Orleans are worth a visit (to both see and document). Take a peek at this visually-fueling guide.

Materials Matter

From the recycled paper in our Hardcover Photo Books to the reclaimed fallen pine in our Wood Block & Prints, the stories behind our products are worthy of holding the stories you tell.

Ideas for Printing Your Instagram Photos

In a digital world, we have to become intentional about creating tangibility in our lives. We've sat down Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange to see how she's incorporated her Instagram photos into her home.

Photographing What Matters

Amidst the professional photos he captures each day, photographer and dad Tim Coulson wouldn't trade anything for the joyous family selfies he takes on his iPhone. Follow along with his journey of finding out what matters most.

The Art of Intentional Travel

We sat down with our friends at Cuyana to hear their favorite tips for approaching travel with the lens of intentionality.

Tips For Traveling on Your Own

We sat down with world-traveler Georgia Hopkins to hear the ways in which she takes to her bucket list — on her own. Here are her tips for solo travel.

Wedding Collections 101

Looking to relive your best day, in print? Our wedding collections offer the most custom print experience for your wedding photos. Here, we’ll take you through our two curated packages.

What I Did With My Wedding Photos

We sat down with recent bride and The Brave Collection founder Jessica Hendricks Yee for an inside look at how she's been celebrating post-wedding.

A Spring Refresh

We all have one word on our minds— springtime. We've tagged along with Megan Gilger of the Fresh Exchange to get an inside look at how she finds reprieve in her home after a long winter.

A Guide to Depth of Field

Follow along with five photographers as they share their tricks to creating depth of field on a variety of cameras (turns out - it's easier than you think).

International Women's Day

We sat down with nine women to listen to the ways in which they're using photography to capture what matters most.

Guide to Your Engagement Photos

From communicating with your photographer (or hey – a friend with a good eye and an iPhone?) to choosing locations, this guide is your fool-proof tool for getting the most out of your couples shoot.

Golden Hour Photography Tips

The definition of Golden Hour depends on your point of view, so, we've pulled together 5 tips to prove that the light is what you make of it.

Thank You Card Ideas

Follow along as we share 5 ideas for making your first thank-you's of 2017 ones to remember.

The Uprising

We set out to ensure our future selves would write a different answer when asked ‘what are we leaving behind?’ And so Artifact Uprising was born.

9 Photography Tips For Your Travels

Photo by photo, our images show us the world's limitless potential. We're bringing you 9 tips to a fresh perspective for your travel photography.

Photographing People

We all know photographing people can be hard. We've recruited photographer, Jon Canlas, to make it easier with 6 Lessons for Photographing People.

Guide to Black & White Photography

Black and white photography erases time from the equation. Join us as we learn 6 tips for Black & White Photography alongside Jason Peterson.

The Photographer In Everyone

And it hit me: If the photos you take move you, you are a photographer. I raised my camera up again to snap the photograph.

A Gift Idea From Your Little

Follow along with Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind and her daughter Bee as they create a Father's Day photo book in celebration of Dad.

Bird's Eye View: Drone Photography

Have you ever wondered how photos are created with a bird's eye view? (Us too!) Follow along as we hear stories, tricks & trips from Dirk Dallas.

3 Summer Road Trips to Take

Whether spontaneity is on your side or you've had your calendar marked, those weekend trips let us hit the refresh button like little else can.

10 Book Cover Ideas

We're making book building top of your to-do list with these ten book covers we're currently crushing on.

21 Mobile Photo Tips From the Pros

Today, more than ever, mobile photography is redefining the way we see & share our worlds. Here are 21 tips to stunning photos—right from your phone.

The Stories We Tell

We are all storytellers with an eye & experiences uniquely our own. We explore how we take photos to recall those experiences that have shaped us.

Lessons from a Passport

A one-way plane ticket grew to an adventure that would take writer Nicole Lindstrom & photographer Sasha Juliard to 10 countries and counting.

DSLR 101

Ready to step up your photography game? We've recruited our friends over at Photo Field Trip to help demystify all those settings on your DSLR camera.

A Guide to Scanning Old Photos

Do your old photos live in stacks of dusty albums or in shoeboxes hidden in the closet? We've put together 5 no-hassle steps to modern scanning.

The Rule of Thirds

They say rules are meant to be broken, but there's one photo composition technique we can't get enough of: the rule of thirds.

9 Landscape Photography Tips

We sat down with globe-trotting adventure photographer Chris Burkard to find out just how he captures those award-winning snaps (and how you can too!)

Have iPhone, Will Travel

Kevin Russ abandoned everyday life for a solo road trip up and down the Pacific coast. He outlines his best tips for documenting with your phone.

On Legacy

Meet Joe. His conviction, charm and love leave a lasting impression and inspire in each of us just one question – What legacy will you live?

6 Tips for Photographing Light

After borrowing a friend's camera in Slovenia 5 years ago Matthew Payne set out to travel over 50 countries and brought back 6 Tips for Photographing Light.

If Your Job is All You Do

You can't do a good job if your job is all you do. Knowing the best ideas are sparked outside of a desk, our team believes in getting out there.

Frame By Frame

Imagine the world without photography. In 1996, that became all too easy in Afghanistan – where taking a photograph became a crime.

Surprise Them with Square Prints

Step aside, sticky notes. We've put together 4 ways to surprise them with square prints (hint hint: prints are not just for framing...).

The Important Places

Filmmaker & photographer Forest Woodward rediscovers a poem his father had written for him. This motivates him to reunite his Father with the river.

Lost Yet Found: A Guide to Morocco

With 30+ passport stamps on the book, Lucy Laucht's curiosity for unseen lands is constantly being fueled. She shares her highlights of Morocco.

4 Places to Travel in 2016

Travel always teaches. Join us in exploring 4 destinations alongside four camera-toting globetrotters for a first-hand account of where to travel & what to take in.

Our Way to Say Thank You

Good things happen when we put pencil to paper. Really good things. Follow along as we explore saying thank you – the Artifact Uprising way.

Under the Same Sun

Eager to learn more about the places and people that have shaped her, native New-Yorker Mimi McCormick ventures to China to reunite with her relatives.

What is Ephemeral

Even in this digital age, people still want the physical manifestations of those JPG, MP3 and PDF files. As it turns out, we may need them.

See the World

Travel always teaches. Join us alongside 4 globetrotters as we take in beauty truly larger than life.

Small But Mighty

Meet Cosette. Stroke by stroke, this four-year-old abstract painter is doing her part to alleviate poverty for people around the globe.

Bucket List: India

Explore the city of Jaipur with entrepreneur Emily Meyer, co-founder of Tea Collection.

Lighten Your Space For Spring

With a spring refresh on our minds, we're bringing you 6 easy tips for lightening your space – and it all starts with your wall art.